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Our Story.

Dinner Setup

The Story of Pranzo

Ever since I was a kid, I've had a dream of having my own restaurant. Watching my parents grapple with the chaos of running their own pizza place yet love what they did enchanted me. When I opened Pranzo at our first location on Vine street in 2007, I wanted to share my nostalgic experience of my family's love, bewilderment, and passion for the restaurant. Since our opening, we've been constantly evolving and using our creative ambition to expand past our comfort zone. We quickly outgrew the space on Vine, and spent over a year tenderly remodeling a defunct abandoned storefront on the strip. Once it was completed, we moved our our operation to downtown Willoughby in the darkness of night, and opened for business the following evening.

A Dining Destination

We take pride in offering a dynamic and diverse selection of dishes that showcase the freshest seasonal ingredients and the creativity of our talented chefs. Our changing specials menu is a celebration of culinary exploration, ensuring that each visit is a unique and delightful experience.

Pranzo Vibes

Catering & Private Dining

The Lounge

Capacity - 20 

Concrete Room

Capacity - 50

Wood Burning Fireplace in our main dining room.


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